Episode 6

Episode 6
In this Podcast we discuss:
– Nick’s AWFUL and hilarious private seminar in Italy
-Joe’s drinking problem at airports
-Nick leaves Joe in the swamps of South Carolina during training for over an hour
-and much more!

CBD For Dogs. Really? Get the Truth Instead of the Hype, with Desiree Joyce and Cody Tallent, Ep #6


There’s a huge market out there for CBD these days, but is the CBD for dogs you hear about really something you should consider for your K9 friend? In this episode, Desiree Joyce is the guest on the show and she shares her experience with CBD for dogs. You’ll hear some of the amazing ways it’s been used to cure everything from bald patches in fur to nervous issues. You won’t want to miss what she’s got to share – and you’ll want to hear the guys take shots of K9 CBD while they’re talking – LIVE on the show. No worries – it’s not hallucinogenic at all – they just act that way all the time.


CBD for dogs is one of the most amazing treatments to come along


Desiree Joyce explains that being an all natural, organic substance – and being entirely free of any hallucinogens such as THC – CBD reacts with both human and K9 physiology in a very trouble-free, calming manner. She’s seen many dogs with nervous conditions and other personality issues become much more centered and calm through the simple administration of CBD oil to their food. It’s laced with omega 3 fatty acids as well so the fishy taste/smell is something dogs really love. Find out more about CBD for dogs and whether it’s right for you, on this episode.


Why is Desiree such an advocate for CBD for dogs?


These days there’s lots of controversy surrounding the use of CBD, for humans, and for pets. But for Desiree Joyce, there’s no question about its usefulness. She was diagnosed with cancer and after months of chemo and radiation treatments, she decided she simply couldn’t take the abuse to her body anymore. That’s when she turned to CBD and her own cancer (ovarian cancer) shrunk and finally disappeared. Her doctors were astounded and she became a staunch advocate of CBD treatments. Being in the dog training industry, she naturally felt that the claims about the benefits of CBD for dogs were probably true – and she was right. In this episode Desiree explains many of the ways CBD oil is being used to treat a variety of conditions in our K9 friends, so be sure you listen.


Cody Tallent is not your average decoy


One of the most amazing K9 trainers you’ll ever meet is Cody Tallent. He’s a confident, skilled professional who loves being a decoy for the dogs he trains. The goal is to desensitize the dogs to as many distracting and difficult situations as possible so that when they are actually in the field (either the battlefield or an urban environment as a police dog), they will be able to handle anything that comes their way. He teaches the dogs confidence and mechanics behind effective attacks to enable them to be useful tools to their military and law enforcement handlers. He says he’s in the process of building an animal weapon, and he speaks about it in depth on this episode.


Effectively training bite dogs is not an easy task, but Cody Tallent excels at it


One of the things that makes Cody unique in his dog training is that he is able to teach his dogs how to be aggressive and mean when it comes to subduing suspects or criminals, but at the same time he can be affectionate and warm with them – and they respond in kind. It’s amazing to see what he can do with a dog and the powerful weapon they become in the hands of the good guys as a result. Cody explains his approach to the training of bite dogs and why he’s become one of the best there is, on this episode.


Outline of This Episode


  • [0:24] Introducing Cody Tallent and Desiree Joyce
  • [6:33] CBD oil for dogs: Why Desiree encourages it
  • [8:45] Tons of places to buy CBD. How can you know what is the best kind?
  • [12:31] How CBD for dogs works and conditions it could help with
  • [16:18] Is the human version different than the pet version?
  • [22:51] Specific conditions CBD for dogs is good for
  • [38:45] Desiree’s experience with CBD when she was diagnosed with cancer
  • [44:10] Uses for CBD in human conditions
  • [48:04] How to find a good quality CBD for your dogs
  • [56:53] Delta’s new policy about service animals
  • [59:01] How the guys met Cody Tallent
  • [1:03:41] Why Cody considers himself to be different as a decoy
  • [1:21:10] How powerful it is to learn from Cody
  • [1:27:15] Will the law enforcement area evolve past breed of dog?
  • [1:35:12] The differences between training for law enforcement and military
  • [1:40:03] People and organizations that make the dog training industry better
  • [1:49:21] Is it easy to transition a dog from one discipline to another?

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