Episode 5

Episode 5
-How To Pick The Perfect Dog -Be Honest with Yourself
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-Cold Weather and More!

Wild Stories, Upcoming Projects, Dog News, and More! Ep #5

When was the last time you had a really wild, unbelievable story to tell? What’s your favorite setting to tell those type of stories in? Do you post it to social media? Or do you wait for that perfect moment at a party or when you are out with your friends? On this episode of The Dog Show, you’ll hear all about Nick’s crazy trip to Naples, Italy. Full of twists and turns, Nick walks you through the miserable flight, the crazy traffic scene, and the utterly unbelievable accommodations. In addition to Nick’s wild story, you’ll hear some news pieces featuring dogs, Nick and Joe’s upcoming projects, and a wild story from Joe. You don’t want to miss it!

Be prepared and go with the flow.

How do you respond to frustrating experiences? Do you bottle it all in, make light of the situation, let it get to you, or let it roll off of your back? On this episode of The Dog Show, Nick opens up about his recent trip to Naples, Italy. Looking back on the trip now, Nick can laugh at the absolute absurdity of it all but at the time, you can see how it must have been really frustrating. Enjoy Nick and Joe’s entertaining back and forth as they walk through all the details of the trip and share some observations from the experience.

An unexpected predator for dogs.

What comes to mind when you think about predators for dogs? While your mind may quickly go to animals like coyotes, mountain lions and bears have you considered the danger presented by owls? Seriously! An owl is not going to swoop down and fly away with your German Shepherd or Labrador Retriever but Yorkies and puppies, beware! Listen to this episode of The Dog Show as Nick and Joe discuss a recent news highlight that told the story of a Yorkie getting carried away by an owl. It sounds crazy and unbelievable but it’s true!

A prank while hungover? No thanks!

How do you respond to pranks? Do you enjoy them like a select few of the population or do you hate them? When was the last time you got away with a prank? How would you respond to getting pranked while hungover? On this episode of The Dog Show, Nick and Joe tell the story of visiting Georgia Canine while Joe was hungover from the flight. After their flight from Virginia to South Carolina, a hungover Joe realized that they must have messed up their travel plans and missed the second leg of their trip to Georgia. Nick played along as they secured a rental car and hit the road on the way to “Georgia.” As it turns out, Georgia Canine has a second location in South Carolina just minutes from the airport, unbeknownst to Joe. Hear all the details of this hilarious misadventure on this episode!

Upcoming projects and guests!

As you can tell, the guys are pretty busy with projects and travel plans. They both enjoy (usually) the travel aspect of their business but more than that, they love helping dog owners get the most out of their dogs! On this episode of The Dog Show, the guys share some upcoming trips and projects they have planned and give a sneak peek into next week’s podcast episode. Next week’s episode will feature Cody Tallent, a master trainer for multi-purpose canine (MPC) training programs. Check out the link in the resources section below to learn more about Cody!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:25] Nick and Joe introduce this episode of the podcast.
  • [1:50] The guys talk about news stories featuring dogs.
  • [9:20] Nick talks about his trip to Naples, Italy.
  • [39:30] How Rome was a better experience than Naples.
  • [49:00] Joe shares one of his travel stories.
  • [53:30] Nick and Joe tell a story about training dogs for tracking.
  • [1:01:30] The guys talk about upcoming projects and next week’s guest.

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