Nick & Joe – Episode 4 of the Dog Show Podcast

Do Dogs Need A Job? Ep #4

There is a lot of talk lately about whether or not dogs need a job – and the question is more about the well-being and health of the dog than it is about having a dog that does cool things for your friends and family. On this episode, Joe chats with his friend Joe Morris, a dog trainer extraordinaire who has insightful perspectives and training techniques that make him a great resource who can knowledgeably speak to this issue. In this conversation, you’re going to hear why it’s important to find a job for your dog, what it does for their well-being, how to select the right job for your breed and type of dog, and more.

What might happen if your dog doesn’t have an appropriate job?

If you’ve got a pet that doesn’t have a job to keep it occupied and use up its energy you may run into a wide variety of problems with your pet. Some will become lazy and unhealthy, essentially from boredom. Others may become overly aggressive or hyper. The difference will depend on the breed of dog and the conditions in its environment. Listen to this entire conversation to hear Joe and Joe discuss dogs, jobs, and various forms of training to facilitate the right job for your dog.

Could it be possible that the dog’s owner needs to find new activities?

There are many situations Joe and Joe come across where dog owners say that there is no real job they can give to their dog. Because of their belief that dog ownership is a heavy responsibility that is as much about the health and well-being of the dog as it is about the fun of the owner having a pet, they insist that many times the owner of the dog needs to find new passions, hobbies, or activities in order to provide a job for the dog. You can hear how the guys recommend owners go about it, on this episode of The Dog Show.

When you choose a job for your dog, understand it’s a commitment

It should be clear by now that having a job for your dog to do is important and that it’s for the well-being and health of your pet. Having said that, it’s important for dog owners to think the issue through all the way to the end. Choosing a job for your dog is not a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing commitment that you, the owner have to make in order to keep up the routine and discipline that enables your dog to actually do its job consistently. Find out how Joe and Joe recommend you go about it by listening to this episode.

How you can evaluate which job is best for your dog

Much of the decision about the job you choose for your dog will depend on the breed and temperament of your animal. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. One of the recommendations made on this episode is that dog owners visit their local training facility to consult with the trainers there about the specific needs of their dog when it comes to job selection. As in any situation, having the characteristics of the specific animal in mind and getting the advice of a skilled professional in light of it is the best way to go.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:24] Joe’s introduction of his friend, Joe Morris, co-owner of Alpha Training Center
  • [3:35] Millennials are picking pets over people
  • [6:28] Dog walks 20 miles to find previous owners
  • [8:52] Dog found hanging in mobile pet groomer’s vehicle
  • [9:48] Dog flu concerns
  • [17:14] Today’s Topic: Does my dog need a job?
  • [22:49] What kind of job is appropriate for your type of dog?
  • [26:00] What types of jobs are appropriate for pets?
  • [28:25] Does obedience qualify as a job?
  • [36:12] Joe’s advice to owners of shepherds and other “bite dogs”
  • [44:40] The consequences and problematic outcomes of incomplete bite training
  • [52:32] How to evaluate which job your dog needs
  • [58:50] If a dog is active in a healthy way, is it still necessary to give it a job?
  • [1:03:40] A future partnership to sell executive protection dogs

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