Episode 3
– The guys address their criticism of calling out the Amish on last week’s episode
– Dog News of the Week
– Should formal obedience training be an absolute necessity when getting a dog?
– And much more!

Do You Really Need To Train Your Dog? Ep #3

Do you really need to train your dog? How important is it for dog owners to have their dog trained? Are there any exceptions? Is it really a practical expectation? On this episode of The Dog Show, you’ll hear from Nick and Joe as they give their thoughts on why just about every dog owner should have their dog trained. The guys also go over recent news stories featuring dogs, the criticism they’ve received about their comments on the Amish community, what to do when obedience training is not enough, and so much more! You don’t want to miss a minute of this fascinating episode!

Addressing criticism from listeners.

Was it fair to say that in general, the Amish community does a poor job of breeding dogs? Did it cross the line or go too far? Does this opinion automatically mean that Nick and Joe dislike Amish people? On this episode of The Dog Show, the guys address recent criticism they’ve received for their comments on last week’s episode. While Nick and Joe don’t think that the Amish are bad people, they are simply speaking from their experience as trainers that generally speaking they’ve noticed that the Amish are subpar breeders. The guys also run down a list of some of the top problematic areas that are known for subpar dog breeders and show that they often fall into areas with a large Amish population. To hear more about this topic and their response to the criticism they’ve received, make sure to listen to this episode!

Why just about every dog owner should train their dog.

Should you spend the time and money to train your dog? Is it really worth the investment? In which scenarios is it OK to not train your dog? On this episode of The Dog Show, Nick and Joe explain why it’s important to train your dog. Joe is convinced that because we’ve domesticated dogs, it is our responsibility as humans to properly train the dogs we take into our care. The truth is, dogs thrive when they are trained in a structured environment. This doesn’t mean that you have to go to the extreme end of the spectrum, just know that your dog will be happier (and so will you) if you invest in decent obedience training. Of course, there will be situations where it’s not practical to train your dog, but those are the exception, not the rule! Go deeper with this topic by listening to this episode!

You’ve got to socialize your dog!

What are the advantages to socializing your dog? What are the drawbacks if you neglect this area of their development? On this episode of The Dog Show, Nick and Joe share the importance of socialization for dogs. Nick says that you can never go wrong with socializing your dog. But he has seen numerous examples of dogs who haven’t been socialized, to their detriment. Regardless of your unique situation, the guys highly recommend that you take the time to socialize and train your dog. Learn more tips and insights by listening to this episode!

Do your research before you get your dog trained.

Once you’ve come the conclusion that it’s important for you to train your dog, the question then becomes, where do you start? How do you pick the right trainer? Does it really matter where you go to get your dog trained? On this episode of The Dog Show, Nick and Joe go over some tips for finding the right dog trainer. While of course, they point to their own services, the guys want to make sure you do your research before you put in the time and money to train your dog. Don’t get duped! Find out why it’s important to do your research and how you can make the right pick by listening to this episode!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:25] Nick and Joe introduce this episode of the podcast.
  • [2:30] The guys go over news stories that feature dogs.
  • [8:00] Nick addresses the criticisms he received about his comments on the Amish.
  • [16:30] Should formal obedience training be done by all dog owners?
  • [25:00] Training your dog will maximize your dog’s full potential.
  • [30:00] Why socialization is so important.
  • [35:00] Sometimes obedience training is not enough.
  • [45:00] Do your research before you get your dog trained!
  • [50:30] Don’t wait to train your dog.
  • [53:00] Nick and Joe talk about upcoming trips.
  • [57:00] Send in your topic suggestions!

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