Episode 20

Emotions fly in this episode of The Dog Show. Tank Mosely joins Joe for a reunion to talk about life and dogs.

Learning Humility in Dog Training with Tank Mosely, Ep # 20

The Dog Show joins forces with Treadmill Talk in this joint episode of both shows. Tank Mosely chats with Joe about humility, bettering himself, and forgiveness in this open and raw conversation. Tank has worked with dogs for years and is an amazing decoy and trainer. Joe and Tank discuss how there is no room for egos when working with dogs. Tank also speaks about his journey in self-betterment after losing it all. You won’t want to miss this heartfelt conversation between two old friends. Listen to this episode of the Dog Show as these two guys get real about life and dog training.

Why is Tank Mosely reinventing himself?

Tank hit rock bottom when his wife and kids left him after he spent years neglecting them. His ego was in the way and was almost as big as his body. Tank topped out at almost 400 pounds. After losing it all he knew he had to make a big change. Tank realized that the change he needed to make must be deep and real. Instead of trying fly by night diets he started eating better and exercising. He even began Treadmill Talk as a way to hold himself accountable while exercising for an hour. Over the past six months, he has lost weight and regained relationships. Listen to Tank tell his story about how he is slowly gaining his life back by making real, lasting changes.

Having an ego can cause you to lose opportunities

Throughout his life-changing ordeal Tank has learned humility. Tank was a fishing champion first and couldn’t pull himself from the water to enjoy his family until it was too late. Over the past 6 months, he has learned to apologize to those he loves and show his loved ones that he is ready for lasting change. Tank realized that having an ego caused him to lose opportunities both in his personal life and in his dog training. There is no room for egos when working with dogs. Training must be about bettering the dog and not showing off. Listen to this conversation to hear Tank and Joe chat about egos, dogs, and relationships.

Decoying: you either love it or you hate it

After training dogs for years Tank felt that he had learned just about everything. Decoying was simply the next level of learning. After putting on the suit and getting that first bite he realized that he loved to decoy. Tank and Joe agree that it takes a certain person to become a great decoy. Tank loves that he is helping the dog become a better weapon. He has traveled all over the country attending seminars and learning from different people to become the best decoy that he can be. His work helps police and military produce better dogs. He knows that weak dogs put police lives in jeopardy. Listen to Tank and Joe discuss decoying and making better dogs on this episode of The Dog Show.

Where does Tank go from here?

Tank is learning to prioritize his life. His girls will come first. He used to be fishing all the time, but now he has realized that his kids must come first. To prove how dedicated he is to change, he hasn’t even been fishing this year. The changes he is making in his life are lasting, both personally and professionally. He wants to teach his trainers to be the best they can be for the good of the dogs. He is rekindling relationships and trying to balance everything and find real happiness. Weight loss is just one part of the equation, Tank hopes to inspire others to become their best self by being open and vulnerable. Listen to Joe and Tank keep it real and get vulnerable on this special episode of The Dog Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [5:22] How has Tank reinvented himself
  • [8:44] Joe has learned how to forgive
  • [16:45] Tank has learned humility
  • [23:33] Learning how to decoy
  • [35:10] Where does Tank go from here?
  • [46:22] Complacency can destroy everything
  • [61:44] How Tank is losing weight the right way
  • [68:58] What’s coming up next on The Dog Show

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