Episode 18

The Tales of a Professional Pet Sitter with Laura Vorreyer, Ep # 18

Laura Vorreyer is a successful entrepreneur with a dog walking and pet sitting business in L.A. Her business has grown so much that she has had to open another location and hire more dog walkers. She is also the author of the spunky new book, The Pet Sitter’s Tale. Laura joins Joe and Nick on episode 18 of The Dog Show to share stories of her dog walking and pet sitting adventures in L.A. You’ll love to hear about Laura’s adventures as a professional pet sitter, so don’t miss this episode of The Dog Show.

How did Laura’s life ‘go to the dogs’?

Laura moved to L.A. with big dreams to do the makeup of the stars. After failing fantastically at that dream someone asked her to walk their dog. She realized then if she pivoted that this could be her road to success. Laura had black labs growing up and is partial to that breed, but she loves breeds. She has worked hard to build her clientele and has made up to 16 stops a day all over L.A. This hard work has opened the door for her bring in other dog walkers and open another location in the L.A. area. Listen to Laura’s fun-loving story of perseverance and get the inside scoop on the dog walking industry from a professional pet sitter on this episode of The Dog Show.

Laura tells about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship

After starting her pet sitting company, Your Dog’s Best Friend, she got so busy that work began to take over her life. She knew she had to set some parameters so that she wasn’t so overwhelmed with work. She now has clear rules and her clients understand that hers is not an on-demand dog walking service. Laura even developed a way to minimize messes with her invention the Doggie Doo All. She tried to take this idea to the reality show, Shark Tank, but apparently, there are too many pet products out there! You’ll love to hear Laura’s plucky attitude and fun-loving spirit when you listen to this episode of The Dog Show.

What was Laura’s inspiration to write her book?

After moving to L.A. from the midwest Laura discovered that there was a whole new world to pet care out west. She knew she wanted to write a book about her adventures one day, so she began to take notes about some of the funny incidents that happened to her and her charges on the job. Her book, The Pet Sitter’s Tale paints a vivid portrait of the pampered lives of celebrity dogs. Listen to Laura tell the tale of the dog that passed away while pet sitting, you won’t want to miss hearing about the wildest thing that happened to her while pet sitting.

Can dog walking be a route to dog training?

Some people have asked Laura what is the best way to become a dog trainer. Joe and Nick think that dog walking could be a fantastic introduction to the world of dogs. They often would prefer that a dog trainer has no experience at all rather than years of poor experience training dogs the wrong way. Nick advises that if you have a passion for dogs, find a mentor and offer to help them out. It shouldn’t be about the money, but instead the love of dogs. Listen to Nick and Joe’s advice on getting into the field of dog training on episode 18 of The Dog Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:22] Joe is heading out tomorrow to train Bryan Callen’s dog
  • [6:33] Laura Vorreyer is the guest today
  • [11:22] How many dogs does she walk a day?
  • [13:46] Is it hard to hire good dog walkers?
  • [18:18] She won’t work with dogs that bite her
  • [22:18] What percentage of the dogs she walks are trained?
  • [24:07] People are into adopting and rescuing dogs
  • [25:02] What inspired her to write her book?
  • [29:30] A lightbulb moment
  • [31:19] What is the wildest thing that happened to her while pet sitting?
  • [37:25] What is the benefit of having a dog sitter?
  • [45:22] What is the average cost for pet sitting and dog walking?
  • [52:14] For those aspiring to be dog trainers, this could be a great route
  • [61:50] What’s next for Laura?

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