Episode 17

Episode 17

America’s Got Talent Season 10 2nd Place Finalist, Drew Lynch Interview, Ep #17

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The Service Dog Certification Problem is No Joke with Drew Lynch, Ep #17

Nick and Joe talk about service dog certification, annoying people, and traveling with dogs on this episode of The Dog Show with special guest, Drew Lynch. Drew won second place on season 10 of America’s Got Talent. He is a hilariously funny comedian with two YouTube shows, both of which include his own service dog named Stella. Drew chats with Nick and Joe about his experience on America’s Got Talent, life with a service dog, and traveling with service dogs on this episode of The Dog Show. You’ll want to listen to this episode to hear Drew bring humor to the reality of what life is like traveling with a service dog.

What has Drew’s experience been with traveling with his service dog Stella?

Comedian, Drew Lynch’s service dog Stella, travels with him everywhere. Since Drew travels all over the world on his comedy tour he has had plenty of interactions at airports with security, flight attendants, and the general public. Drew tries not to let negative experiences get him down. He sees himself as an educator to the public about service dogs and their role in society. Service dogs are a hot topic especially in the travel sector due to the recent incidents on some airlines. Listen to Drew put his humorous spin on traveling with a service dog on this episode of The Dog Show.

Does it drive Drew Lynch crazy to see fake service dogs?

There has been an uprising in the number of service dogs in the world lately. Everyone wants their pet to be able to travel with them at no cost, but some airlines are beginning to crack down. Unfortunately, many dogs are being labeled as service dogs when they aren’t and being used by their owners to receive special privileges. This sham affects the reputation of real service dogs everywhere. Service dogs are a valuable aid to the people that need them. Drew sees himself as an advocate of service dogs and he tries to inform the public about their role through his comedy and his YouTube shows. Listen to Drew as he hilariously describes his interactions with people and his service dog Stella on this episode of The Dog Show.

The service dog system is messed up

The service dog system right now is like the wild west. Anyone and everyone can claim that their random animal is a service animal. There have been peacocks and guinea pigs flying on planes simply because their owners don’t want to leave their beloved pets at home or pay the price to ship them. It’s all well and good to have a favored pet, but this sham gives legitimate service dogs a terrible reputation. There needs to be a line between pets and service dogs and actual guidelines to regulate this chaos. Listen in to hear Nick, Joe, and Drew all weigh in on this subject in a compelling discussion on this episode of The Dog Show.

Nick and Joe have the solution to the service dog problem

The line between service dogs and pets has been blurred. There are probably more fake service animals out there than legitimate ones. A real solution is going to take some sort of regulation or a set of guidelines. Some cities and counties have started adopting guidelines, but nothing has been consistent throughout the country. If there were a nationwide service dog certification this could really help. It might not be appropriate for the feds to step in, but they will soon if something doesn’t change. Nick and Joe have the perfect solution to the service dog certification problem, so listen to episode 17 to hear how to solve it.

Outline of This Episode

  • [4:22] What was Drew’s experience like on America’s Got Talent?
  • [8:18] He’s on a world stand up comedy tour
  • [12:11] What has his experience been with traveling with his dog Stella?
  • [17:16] Is there an airline that he won’t fly with?
  • [20:10] Does it drive him crazy to see fake service dogs?
  • [23:22] How does he react when people can’t resist touching Stella?
  • [29:55] How can you find out where Drew is?
  • [32:14] How do they react when people touch dogs that are being trained?
  • [43:11] The service dog system is messed up
  • [50:22] This is how to solve the service dog problem
  • [59:40] What’s coming up?

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