Episode 14
Mark Torrence (World Champion IPO Helper) and Mark Pellon (National Level IPO Helper) join the guys in studio to discuss IPO/Schutzhund. They get into the details of the sport and why they believe it is one of the best. They also circle back around the United Airlines airlines debacle and why their company is the most popular amongst the death of animals flying with them.

Schutzhund Training / IPO Training: 3 Experts Share Everything You Need To Know, Ep #14

IPO / Schutzhund Training is a three-part sport that includes tracking, obedience, and protection phases, and a dog competing in the sport must pass all three phases. That a very basic definition of a demanding and growing sport. But if you want to hear more, this episode is about that. The guests on this episode are experienced IPO / Schutzhund Training competitors who know the sport from the inside out. They share the basics of what goes into IPO, how dogs and trainers can get started, and speak extensively about the levels of competition and how the progression works. It’s an exciting and informative conversation you won’t want to miss.

What is Schutzhund Training?

Schutzhund Training, now commonly referred to as IPO is one of the most competitive, serious types of sport training for both dogs and trainers. It’s a training regimen and competition that has a global reach, hosting international competitions. The guests Joe speaks with on this episode are some of the top-level competitors in the sport and speak knowledgeably and with strong opinions about what it takes to become a dedicated IPO participant. You’ll learn the basics of what goes into good Schutzhund Training, why the sport is so popular, why it continues to grow, and why some people chose IPO over other methods of training or dog sports.

IPO Training is a contact sport. If you’re going to do it, you have to take seriously

Just like any sport, training is involved in order to seriously compete in IPO. Injuries are real and very common, so the more fit and ready for the demands of the competition you are, the better off you’ll be. The same holds true for the dogs you work with. In this conversation, the guys chat about what goes into effective training, they explain why it’s so important, and also make recommendations about how those interested in IPO can get started through their local clubs or organizations. Be sure to listen – you may just find your new passion.

Effective Schutzhund Training should be focused on Title 3 competition from the start

The competitions that exist in the IPO / Schutzhund world progress in stages – Title 1, Title 2, and Title 3 – each one being progressively more comprehensive and difficult for the dog than the one before. The trainers on this episode all agree it’s much better to train from the start so the dog can eventually compete at a Title 3 level. It only makes sense – if a dog can handle the pressure and requirements of Title 3, it will be able to handle Title 2 or Title 1, it’s just a matter of removing some of the activities it will be required to do for participation in each level. You can get more insights about the IPO / Schutzhund approach, on this episode.

There are two things every good dog trainer must have: consistency and patience

Whether we’re talking about Schutzhund Training or any other kind of training, all training that occurs will only be as good as the person doing the training. And trainers must have two things: consistency and patience. If you underestimate the amount of time and repetition involved in effectively training your dog, you won’t experience the results you could, no matter how smart or good your dog is. And if you don’t have the patience to allow your animal to learn at its own pace, you’ll cause undue frustration and problems in the training. Listen to this episode to hear how the Schutzhund approach teaches obedience through both of those qualities.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:10] Introductions all around: a rowdy group of experts
  • [7:35] Petsmart faces another dog death
  • [9:39] United Airlines issues with animals
  • [12:25] A dog goes missing and returns 10 months later
  • [15:02] Why did Schutzhund change the name to IPO training?
  • [17:26] What IS IPO training?
  • [19:57] What is a “helper” in IPO training? At what age can training begin?
  • [25:17] Why the guests chose to pursue Schutzhund training
  • [31:50] What a handler and dog have to go through to reach Title 1
  • [37:50] The best breeds for Schutzhund training
  • [48:15] Why these guys train for Title 3 from the beginning
  • [53:40] The possible roles a person can play in Schutzhund Training
  • [56:58] IPO breeders, cost of animals, what it takes to get started
  • [1:03:05] What types of training is allowed in IPO and how to find a good club
  • [1:09:36] A comparison between military/police K9 units and the IPO approach
  • [1:11:34] The latest developments and events in the Schutzhund Training world
  • [1:20:02] The two things good trainers must have: consistency and patience
  • [1:24:31] Advice for those who are interested in Schutzhund
  • [1:35:25] Injuries and recovery: it’s a real issue with Schutzhund Training

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