Episode 12

Listener Questions: from E-Collars to Puppy Desensitization and Everywhere in Between, Ep # 12

Finally a Q & A with your favorite dog trainers in the industry. On this episode of The Dog Show Nick, Joe, and Shawn tackle dozens of listener questions. The discussion leads to E-collars, puppy desensitization, how to introduce new dogs, whether or not you should go to dog parks, whether or not you should get littermates and so much more.  If you have any questions on dogs and dog training the guys probably cover it in episode 12. You won’t want to miss this episode, so listen up to hear your questions answered by two of the most renowned trainers in the industry.

Is there something you can be doing to get a dog ready for training?

A few listeners have asked whether they should train their dog before they bring them in for training. There are a couple of different ways that you can help your dog prepare for training. You can help your dog get ready for a training program by helping them with desensitization and teaching socialization skills. This will help the dog become more confident. These traits are character building and are even more important to develop in dogs than obedience. Listen to this episode for tips on how to prepare your dog for training by learning how to build these characteristics in your dog before they ever come to obedience school.

What is the best way to introduce new dogs?

Introducing dogs to other dogs should always be done in a neutral location and never in either dog’s home. Dogs feel territorial in their homes and can become aggressive. An open field is a great idea. Ensure that both dogs have a level of obedience already. They need to be off leash since putting them on a leash inhibits their natural behaviors and they cannot show body language and perform their natural communication. Another important factor is having relaxed handlers. Dogs can feel if you are nervous and will act accordingly. To hear more tips on how to introduce two dogs and to hear the guys’ thoughts on dog meetups, in general, listen to episode 12 of The Dog Show.

How do you control a dog that isn’t treat-motivated?

E-collars are a necessary training tool for many dogs. Not every dog is treat-motivated and an E-collar is a great way to gain full control of an otherwise uncontrollable dog. The guys weigh in on the E-collar ban in Scotland in their no-holds-barred fashion. They also answer listener questions about interference from wifi, whether the collars can be submerged in water and proper fitting. An E-collar is an excellent training tool, but the fit needs to be just right for it to work properly on the canine. If you are curious about E-collars then you’ll have many questions answered in episode 12 of The Dog Show.

Should you take your dog to a dog park or a dog daycare?

Dog daycares have a screening process and they don’t allow just any dog to walk through the door. The dogs that attend have to have proper shot records and it is supervised by trained professionals. Dog parks are a bit different. The guys love dog parks for training purposes, but they don’t actually step foot inside. Dog parks are busy places with people and other dogs coming in and out so they make great places to practice essential training skills. But Nick, Joe, and Shawn all agree that they would never step foot inside a dog park. Find out why on this episode of The Dog Show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [4:50] News story of the week – Owner cooks chihuahua in oven
  • [7:29] News story of the week – Hate crime or dog training?
  • [11:56] News story of the week – United has suspended pet shipping
  • [19:42] Book recommendations
  • [23:10] Is there something you can be doing to get them ready for training?
  • [26:21] Is it possible to retrain an aggressive dog?
  • [29:14] The flight story and cbd oil
  • [35:16] Have they ever experienced an aggressive dog that they didn’t think could be rehabbed?
  • [40:52] Thoughts on the gentle leader
  • [44:19] Should I train my dog before I bring him for training?
  • [45:29] What is the best way to introduce new dogs?
  • [51:58] How do you do desensitization in puppies that haven’t had any training?
  • [57:33] How to get your dog to not chew when your not home
  • [61:59] Let’s talk about the E-collar ban
  • [66:15] How to work with a dog that has avoidance issues
  • [70:15] Can they certify service dogs?
  • [72:22] Should a multiple dog household get all of the dogs trained at once?
  • [76:16] Thoughts on a dog that ignores the E-collar
  • [80:17] What is the difference between canine good citizen and a service dog?
  • [81:37] Does wifi interfere with an E-collar?
  • [86:50] Can an off leash canine E-collar get wet?
  • [87:10] Should you take your dog to a dog park, how about a dog daycare?
  • [93:18] Training makes your life easier and your dog’s life easier
  • [98:52] What to do with a dog that doesn’t like strange dogs
  • [101:02] Is having a pet sitter better than going to a boarding facility?
  • [104:15] How do you deal with leash laws when your dog is off leash trained?
  • [110:10] Does training help to fix anxiety?
  • [117:54] Should two dogs be separated in a crate

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