Episode 10

Episode 10
In this episode, special guests Josh Wilson and Danny Walker join Nick and Joe in studio to discuss different training techniques, methods, theories & philosophies! Why is 100% Purely Positive Reinforcement training bull sh#$??? The guys explain!

The Best Dog Training Devices and Tools with Danny Walker and Josh Wilson, Ep # 10

Episode 10 is all about training. On this episode, the guys discuss dog training devices and tools. Danny Walker is an aggression specialist with Off-Leash K9 and he joins The Dog Show to discuss all things dog training with Nick and Joe. They are ready to spread their knowledge by sharing their experience as dog trainers with their listeners. If you have been wanting to hear about dog training devices and tools, what works, and what doesn’t then this is the episode for you. Be sure to listen to this conversation as Joe, Nick, and Danny cover the four quadrants of dog training and the various tools used in the business.

What are the four quadrants of dog training?

Dog training is similar raising kids: you can use rewards and reprimands as tools to get desired behaviors. A great trainer makes sure to use the four quadrants to ensure a well-rounded training for each dog. The four quadrants are positive reinforcement, positive punishment, negative reinforcement and negative punishment. Positive means it adds something, negative means it takes something away. (By the way, negative does not mean beat your dog!) Positive reinforcement increases the likelihood that the behavior will happen again and punishment decreases the likelihood that the behavior will happen again. Listen to Nick clearly explain the four quadrants with a great analogy on this episode of The Dog Show.

Slip leads are important tools of the trade

Slip leads are wonderfully easy to use tools to really get control of a dog. If you’ll notice vets, animal shelters, and groomers all use slip leads to help keep dogs in their care under control and to minimize flight risks. For training purposes, you can use it subtly, and make small corrections. Slip leads use the least amount of intensity. The trick when using slip leads is not to choke the dog, to just make it snug. Doing this allows clear communication to the dog. As with any tool, there are downfalls. One is that people use slip leads without any education on how to effectively use them. Other downfalls are having bad timing or using the wrong size. This doesn’t allow for proper communication. Listen to the positives and negatives of slip leads on this episode of The Dog Show.

The prong collar gets a bad rap, but does it deserve it?

The prong collar has a bad reputation, but it can be a fantastic dog training device. The main issue with prong collars is sizing. Most dog owners have no idea how to shop for one. Important matters to consider with prong collars are placement, proper fit, and prong size. Prong collars help owners make small corrections with a subtle touch. Before using a prong collar it is important to educate yourself on how to use them. They are excellent dog training devices for sporting dogs. Listen to this episode of The Dog Show to hear more about dog training devices and tools.

Not all e-collars are created equal

The e-collar has been the center of controversy lately. This is a shame because used properly and purchased from a reputable company, e-collars are an incredibly effective training tool. One of the most important things to remember is to not settle for a cheap one. There is not a legitimate e-collar out there that you can buy for under $100. As with a prong collar a proper fit is key, if the collar is too loose it can cause chafing. 90% of the time owners will fit an e-collar too loose on their dog. Before using an e-collar or any training tool you need to be 100% sure that you are educated enough to use that dog training device. You’ll love hearing Joe as he puts an e-collar on Nick on this episode of The Dog Show. Listen to this episode to hear about the best dog training devices and tools.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:22] The 4 quadrants of dog training
  • [8:55] It is impossible to use solely positive reinforcement to train
  • [24:55] Opinions on the slip lead
  • [38:20] Chain collars are not the same as slip leads
  • [41:22] The prong collar
  • [50:47] The E-collar
  • [75:04] Invisible fence
  • [88:52] Why should an owner use an e-collar?
  • [96:55] People educated about E-collar know that it’s a great tool
  • [106:13] Last piece of advice for dog owners

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