Episode 1
In this Podcast we discuss:
-Upcoming Training Seminars
-The Two Pit Bulls Who Were Recently In The News For Mauling Owner To Death
-Littermate Syndrome
-The Perfect Storm To Creating Bites
-DNA in Dogs —Much More!

What You Need To Know About Dog Socialization, Ep #1

How important is dog socialization? Is it something that you need to keep on your radar? Does the way you treat your dog really have long-term effects on their behavior? On this episode of The Dog Show, you’ll hear from hosts Nick and Joe as they cover the topic of dog socialization. The guys also touch on some upcoming travel plans they have, a recent news story about a woman who was killed by her dogs, their theory on why that happened, their relationships with celebrities, and so much more! You don’t want to miss this engaging episode with Nick and Joe!

Why it’s important to learn from other sports and specialists.

You know on an intellectual level that it’s important to learn from different perspectives, but how does that apply to dog training? Is there really something to learn from different specialists and sports? On this episode of The Dog Show, Nick and Joe discuss their unfamiliarity with agility training. The funny thing is, they are involved in just about everything else in the realm of dog training and disciplines except for agility training. Despite not knowing much about the arena of agility training, the guys are open to learning from this important discipline. To hear more about their conversation about agility training, make sure to listen to this episode!

How a tragic death can teach us about dog behavior.

If you haven’t heard, in December there was a tragic death in the state of Virginia where a 22-year-old woman was killed by her two pit bulls. While this story elicits many opinions from both dog lovers and critics, it can also open up a window for discussion around dog behavior. On this episode of The Dog Show, Nick and Joe explain the details of this woman’s death, what they think happened to cause her death, and what you can learn from the story about dog behavior and how it connects to dog socialization. If you’d like to chime in on the conversation, make sure to check out the Facebook page to participate.

Why dog socialization is so important.

Did you know that ongoing dog socialization is crucial to long-term positive behavior? It’s true! This fact is also relevant when you look at the behavior of humans who have experienced isolation so this should come as no surprise. On this episode of The Dog Show, Nick and Joe go over the reasons why dog socialization is so important and how it relates to the news story about the woman who was killed by her dogs. At the end of the day, you’ve got to understand that dogs don’t keep the same sense of time as we do, they have no way of knowing when their owners may return to alleviate their isolation. Hear more about this important discussion about dog socialization on this episode!

Three common reactions to pit bulls.
When you think of pit bulls, what comes to mind? Vicious? Friendly? Loyal? What shapes your perception of pit bulls? Is it influenced by experience with those dogs or is it influenced by the media and popular opinion? According to Nick, there are usually three types of responses to pit bulls;

Neutral attitude to pit bulls.
Anti-pit bull attitudes.
Pro-pit bull attitudes.

For some reason, this breed of dog really tends to polarize people and often sends them into opposing camps. In Nick and Joe’s experience, pit bulls are one of the best breeds to train. To hear the guys expand on their opinion of pit bulls and how they are perceived by the general public, make sure to listen to this episode of The Dog Show!

Outline of This Episode

[0:28] Nick and Joe’s introduction to the podcast.
[2:40] The guys talk about agility training.
[9:30] There is always something you can learn from other arenas.
[12:10] Upcoming plans and travels.
[14:30] The guys discuss a recent news story about a woman and her pit bulls.
[28:00] Why socialization is so important for dogs.
[35:50] Joe offers his theory on what happened with the woman and her pit bulls.
[50:50] Why it was necessary for the dogs to be euthanized.
[57:00] The guys discuss anthropomorphizing dogs.
[1:03:00] Some theories from Facebook followers about what happened with the dogs and the woman.
[1:05:00] Three common reactions to pit bulls and their reputation in society.
[1:13:00] Looking forward to the UFC Cris Cyborg vs Holly Holmes fight.
[1:16:00] The guys talk about meeting football players and other celebrities whose dogs they’ve trained.
[1:22:00] Nick and Joe talk about more of their upcoming travels.

Resources & People Mentioned

News Story of Woman Killed by her Dogs: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bethany-stephens-mauled-to-death-by-dogs-sheriff-shares-grisly-details/


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