Episode 13

Episode 13
Special guests, Paul Ludwig and Sam Edmonds from IronDogK9 and the film, “K9 Guardians” join the guys in studio for a very special and rare interview together! Listen to the raw and uncensored interview!

Behind the Scenes of K9 Guardians with Paul Ludwig and Sam Edmonds, Ep # 13

Paul Ludwig and Sam Edmonds from The oh-so-real K9 Guardians movie join The Dog Show for an exciting conversation about working dogs. They get into the nitty-gritty behind the scenes from the movie. Learn about what worked for them and what didn’t. If you think the movie is raw, then you need to hear what really went on behind the scenes of this one of a kind movie. Sam and Paul get real about bite training, E-collars, internet trolls, the best breeds and much, much more. Listen to this episode to hear the brutal honesty that Paul and Sam offer in this lively conversation.

What was Sam Edmonds’ vision for the K9 Guardians movie?

When Sam had the idea to make the K9 Guardians movie he wanted to show the brutal honesty of working dog training. The movie has some great scenes, it is raw and real. But it didn’t turn out exactly the way Sam had envisioned. Sam felt it wasn’t raw enough, but there is only so much that people can handle watching so they had to strike a balance and avoid scaring off some viewers. Even though it wasn’t as brutal as Sam wanted it is still the best working dog movie out there. Make sure you watch the movie on YouTube and listen to this episode to hear more about Sam and Paul’s vision of the movie and all things working dog related.

How many working dogs out on the streets haven’t received enough training

Many people think of working dogs as well trained pets, but they are not. Working dogs have a job and their job is to protect the lives of the officers they serve with. If they haven’t received enough training or the right kind of training they will not react appropriately in any given situation. The majority of people don’t realize that what these dogs do can either save a life or end a life. If they spook at the sound of gunfire or won’t bite a person that doesn’t appear to be aggressive then the dog could cost officers their lives. The dogs need to be trained to the reality of any situation that could arise. Listen to this episode of The Dog Show to hear Sam and Paul talk more about the realities of working dog training.

Can anyone buy a Malinois or German Shepard and train them at home and expect them to be a reliable personal protection dog?

Everyone loves to watch dog training YouTube videos and then they expect that they can get the same results with a few hours of training their pet at home. The truth is that dogs that aren’t professionally trained are just reacting to each situation. You never know how they will react to a specific situation. You cannot rely on this family pet to really protect you in a fight. Whereas professionally trained dogs are trained for pain, confrontation, and danger and properly trained personal protection dogs can cost about $25,000. Paul Ludwig and Sam Edmonds tell it like it is in episode 13 of The Dog Show, so listen in to hear all that you can expect from your family pet.  

How do Sam Edmonds and Paul Ludwig ensure that the canines they train are reliable?

Only the best training can ensure that a dog will react appropriately to any given situation. As a trainer, you’re only as good as your imagination. So a trainer must envision all kinds of situations. This training ensures that the dog will not always have to rely on the handler to make decisions. If it’s handler is incapacitated the dog needs to be able to make the right choice on its own. The handler should ensure that the dog is not confused about anything and that it is clear on its job. If the dog is allowed to be pet by strangers then it can become confused in a dangerous situation. Listen to Sam Edmonds and Paul Ludwig get real about working dog training on this episode of The Dog Show.  

Outline of This Episode

  • [4:22] K9 Guardians movie recommendations
  • [6:33] How did Sam and Paul meet?
  • [12:08] How to be the right person for the job
  • [24:10] What do Sam and Paul do?
  • [28:39] What was Sam’s vision for the movie?
  • [33:55] Where is the state of decoying right now?
  • [47:06] There are many tools out there to get the job done
  • [54:22] Do they work with dogs that prefer equipment over real life?
  • [59:23] What percentage of dogs that are out there should not be on the streets?
  • [63:42] What was the hardest bite they have ever received?
  • [72:22] What is their perfect breed?
  • [77:01] How much does a personal protection dog cost?
  • [83:44] They ensure that every dog they train is reliable
  • [97:46] Should a police dog be able to make a decision on his own or only rely on the handler?
  • [102:18] Is the dog more of a liability if he doesn’t bite?
  • [108:43] Is everyone going to be using Malinois in the next few years?
  • [111:32] What is their advice for law enforcement professionals?
  • [116:13] Who has influenced them in their training?
  • [122:45] What is coming up for Sam and Paul?


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